About Sustainable Education Project

What is Sustainable Education Project?

Sustainable Education Project (SEP) spread a school "Leaders Academy" teaching "heart of altruism" fromchildhood that Japanese value for our life, nurture leaders who are responsible for each country’s future,and aim to construction of sustainable society which designed to world peace and global interests.
CIESF Leaders Academy(Cambodia), an integrated kindergarten, primary and secondary school operated byNGO CIESF , is a SEP model school which providing know-how of management and curriculum for building across-border collaborative system .

What is Sustainable Education Summit?

Sustainable Education Summit (SES) is a summit held once a year to spread the Sustainable Education Project (SEP).
At this summit, introducing contents of the SEP, current state and future prospect of education, and SEP model school operated by NGO CIESF . Also proposing establishment and operation of "Leaders Academy"in each country.
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Future vision

Model school of Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary school
"CIESF Leaders Academy" (Cambodia)
An integrated Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary school which provide compulsory curriculum. Under the cooperation of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport in Cambodia, NGO CIESF operates it.
SEP create an original curriculum based on the fundamental idea of Japanese education that cultivates "Intelligence"
"Virtue" “Physique" well-balanced person, so that fostering human resources appropriate for the future of the country.

Provide know-how to Southeast Asia and other countries around the world

How to join Sustainable Education Project

We are looking for school managers who can join this project in each country. NGO CIESF will provide know-how such as management, curriculum and anything you need.

About contracts and budget

If you are interested please contact us by e-mail.